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The accommodation card should be completed prior to each semester. After completion of this card, it can be submitted via, mail, in person or by email. If submitting by email, please send the accommodation card to (Note: Shady Grove students do not need to complete this card)

This sample accommodation card includes notes about what information goes where, and examples of course information to be included. For questions about completing the actual form contact us.

Quiz/Exam Administration is provided to students who are registered with Student Support Services and have been approved for testing accommodations. Students may schedule quizzes/exams anytime during the semester as long as there is a 2 full business days advance notice. SSS encourages scheduling all quizzes and exams as soon as they are known. There are four ways to schedule quizzes and exams. The scheduling request can be submitted in person, by phone, by email at, or online by clicking on the link Taking a Quiz/Exam with SSS.

To take at quiz/exam at Shady Grove, please click on the link Taking a Quiz/Exam with SSS at Shady Grove.

UMBC’s Student Support Services (SSS) is able to coordinate interpreters/transcribers and/or related services for currently enrolled and approved UMBC SSS students. A minimum of 4 business days are needed to fulfill interpreting requests. Please complete the “Interpreter/Transcriber Form“. Campus visitors who need interpreter/transcriber or related services should make their request known to the department they will be visiting 2 weeks in advance. All other UMBC departments needing interpreter/transcriber or related services should coordinate with SSS at least 2 weeks in advance.