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Getting Started/New Students

Although students who have disabilities are not required to register with Student Support Services (SSS), those who wish to use accommodations must be registered with SSS. Students are encouraged to contact SSS after admission to UMBC.

1.        To begin your registration process for Student Support Services, contact the SSS office via email, phone, or in person to request the Student Support Services Request for Services Form. The form is also available on the SSS website. Eligibility must be established before services can be provided.

2.       Complete the Request for Services Form  and return it to the office with a copy of your medical documentations.

3.       You can submit your application and supporting documentation by coming in person or via email at

4.       When the intake form and documentation are received, they will be reviewed by the Disability Specialist. Allow up to 2 weeks processing time. Please be patient; we have many files to review.

5.       Once your eligibility to receive services is “approved,” you will receive a Welcome letter with instructions on how to make an intake appointment. This can be done any time after your eligibility is approved. If you live in the area or will be visiting the campus, we would strongly recommend you to set up this meeting before arriving on campus to begin classes.

At the intake appointment you will discuss:

Accommodations and services

Campus and local resources

Policies and procedures


Students are welcome to meet with the SSS staff by appointment. We are always here to help and work with you to answer questions and provide resources and information to help you achieve your academic goals.

Students that need accommodations at UMBC-Shady Grove, please click on Applying for Accommodations at Shady Grove.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Student Support Services. We look forward to working with you.